Frequently asked questions

Generally questions

How much does the advice at Bossenz Finance cost?

The advice, the creation of a personal financial concept and a feedback on your existing contracts are available from us completely free of charge and without obligation. You never enter into any commitment. We are convinced of our individual service and our philosophy of independent advice and so 99% of all customers decide to cooperate after our concept presentation.


Will you also advise customers outside of Berlin or Germany?

55% of our customers are resident in Berlin. Many of them come from Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and surrounding districts. The remaining customers come from all over Germany. We even serve some customers internationally. Many come here from England, Russia, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. The proximity to the customer is very important to us, but the proximity is only secondary. We also transport our unique service via VideoChat (Skype) or by phone and e-mail.


Can I terminate the cooperation at any time?

You do not enter into long-term commitments with us. On request, you can take care of individual contracts at any time or manage your finances completely on your own. We point out, however, that then any liability claims omitted.


What does the brokerage contract (german: Maklervertrag) include and what is the authorization (Vollmacht) for?

The brokerage agreement governs the mutual rights and obligations of brokers and clients. In the brokerage contract u.a. the data protection, powers, tasks of the broker and also special agreements that can not be regulated by law. The brokerage contract forms the basis for the cooperation between the financial broker and the customer. The brokerage contract is supplemented by a broker authority. Above all, this should simplify cooperation between brokers and customers. The power of attorney, for example, allows us to represent you as a broker in relation to the insurance, to inspect insurance contracts or better to take care of your claim.


Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to answer all your questions by e-mail, fax or by phone.


What are the fees for investment management?

There is only a simple annual service fee of 0.595% (including VAT) based on the managed investment volume. Billing takes place quarterly. Usual sales charges do not apply to us. As a result, fund changes are also free for our customers. We do not charge a fee for the creation of withdrawal plans, regular depot adjustments and portfolio analyzes.


How is the investment strategy composed?

Our goal is to achieve a balanced asset structure. For this purpose, we use almost all investment components available on the market, such as funds, ETFs, corporate investments, call money, real estate and crowd-based investment approaches.


How fast can I get my money back?

Because flexibility is very important to many of our clients, a large portion of their capital is invested in liquid securities such as funds and ETFs. The capital invested here will be available to you on the account within five days. The proportion of less illiquid investments such as asset value and real estate within your investment strategy is defined by you and aligned according to your current situation and objectives.


What types of consultants are there anyway?

As an independent finance broker, we are committed to our clients and can work with 98% of the companies. Unlike insurance agents or multiple agents, we recommend our product based on the services, service, claims processing or solvency of the insurer and a suitable price / Leistungsverhätätnis. Our status of independence can also be checked at any time in the intermediary register of the German Industrial and Commercial Day (DIHK) –


What exactly is the difference between insurance agents, multi agents and independent insurance brokers?

An insurance representative (bonded insurance agent) represents the interests of a single insurance company. In compliance with legal requirements, he is initially responsible only to the insurance company. He is their lobbyist.

A multi insurance agent (insurance agent) sells financial products from various vendors (typically only 5 to 10 vendors), with whom he has distribution agreements.

A broker (insurance broker, financial broker) is obliged by law to represent the interests of his clients. He is commissioned by the customer – usually after a sound risk analysis – to research and mediate a suitable risk protection or a special financial product at a reasonable price-performance ratio. Compared to the customer, the broker is in the special advisory liability, and is considered its „guardian“ (judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 22.05.1985 Ref .: IVa ZR 190/83). Since May 22, 2007 (entry into force of the Insurance Mediation Ordinance), you must inform the intermediary of your status as part of the mandatory information so that you know who you are dealing with and what service and variety of products you can expect. Our information requirements can be found in the imprint.


What costs are incurred by the service of the financial broker?

Basically, you do not incur any direct costs. The remuneration (or brokerage fee) for the broker is included directly in the insurance premiums. This results in a particular advantage for the customers: because similar to e.g. a wholesaler, the broker has market power and can therefore negotiate more favorable terms with the respective insurance company. This will either benefit our customers with cheap insurance or improve the scope of an insurance solution.


How often do I need advice?

Would you like to complete a complex insurance such as a disability insurance, private health insurance or a pension insurance, so you better consult personally by us. Our office is centrally located in Berlin Mitte right on Alexanderplatz. If a personal conversation is not possible, we also advise you by phone or video chat. We offer this service completely free of charge and without obligation.

Other insurance such as liability, household effects, car insurance or legal expenses insurance we can complete for you online without any problems. You will receive the suggestions by email. Inquiries can then be clarified by email or telephone. If you have decided on a proposal from us, we can conclude these insurances directly with a written agreement without having to come to the office.


How can I report an insurance claim?

Normally, our customers report the damage directly to the insurance companies. This is now convenient for most providers online or by phone. Of course, we are available to assist our customers with any questions before and during the claim process, assisting in completing the claims and settling claims, and providing compensation to the insurance company.


Is it necessary to cancel all old contracts?

No of course not. Of course, if you have good contracts, we will also tell you according to the best-advice principle. These do not have to be canceled and we only take care of such contracts and are deposited with the insurance company as your contact.


Is the insurance contract with the broker more expensive than the insurance itself?

No, just the opposite. With us as your financial broker you get a guarantee promise so that you never pay more for a product than directly with a provider. In many cases, we even offer you the tariffs even cheaper than the respective insurance company. The reason is that as a big financial broker, we are on the side of the client and negotiate discounts on many product providers for our clients.